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Tiny Town Splash Mat - A Waterproof Catch-All for Highchair Spills and More!


Starting now, get a FREE Hot Wheels car with every Tiny Town Splash Mat or Wet Bag purchase! Send as a gift, or let your little one open up their BapronBaby happy mail with an extra surprise! (while supplies last)



Bust out the hot wheels, kids. It's time to play! Announcing our first ever interactive Splash Mat! Lay the foundation for imaginative play and let your little one bring this Tiny Town to life by adding their own toys. 

This lightweight, waterproof mat is 45" in diameter and is designed to catch spills and splashes. Ideal for:

- Under the high chair

- Indoor/Outdoor Picnics

- Potty Training/Waterproof nap pad

- Crafts and sensory play

- Under OR on top of tables for  crafts and activities

BapronBaby's unique waterproof fabric is stain resistant, and machine washable.  Three cheers for no more scraping dried juice spots off the tile and scrubbing oatmeal out of the carpet! This mat weighs less than 8oz. and folds up to the size of a small book for easy transport.


Splash Mat dimensions: 45" x 45" with rounded edges


** Due to the current global pandemic, all BapronBaby materials and production are now being split between two carefully vetted factories, located in the USA and China. Both of these facilities are held to the highest CPSIA production guidelines and fair labor laws. We stand behind the quality and content of our materials and offer a 1 year warranty against any manufacturing flaw or defect. If you have any questions about the sourcing of our fabric or production of any BapronBaby product, please contact us at help@bapronbaby.com


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