BapronBaby® Baprons­ are designed with growing babes in mind.

The bib for kids who hate bibs!

Our unique design allows your child to play freely with their food or sensory activities without constricting around their neck like a traditional bib and your tiny tot can't remove it without a grown-up.  Less mess for everyone!  (It rinses clean in the sink between meals as well, saving you headache and laundry.)

Growing with your toddler is kind of our "thing"

BapronBaby® Baprons­ are designed with growing babes in mind.  From 6m-3T, the same Toddler Bapron shifts as they grow, allowing the same Bapron to fit comfortably throughout their entire toddlerhood! 

Likewise, our Preschool Bapron fits from 3-5 years old and is the perfect companion for messy meals and crafting.

The bapron is truly designed with love, and made to last.

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Kid tested and parent approved!

From the beginning, our guiding principle is simple: Quality First.  No shortcuts, no skimping.  BapronBaby™ products are 100% certified baby safe.

From our hearts to yours, with love!


Mealtime at our house always includes a bapron! My little one stays clean and dry in the full coverage design and we love the fun prints. Thanks for an amazing product, will continue to buy more.

I cannot rate BapronBaby baprons high enough! I found them as a desperate mom whose daughter cut her neck with a traditional Velcro bib. I saw that the baprons tie at the mid-back and knew we had to give them a try. We were thrilled, and have used them ever since!! We share with everyone we know, because I so believe in this product and company!

I cannot say enough about our bapron!!! I love all the beautiful prints, how it completely covers our clothes, it’s so easy to clean to be ready for the next meal and the best daughter can’t pull it off like she does bibs! It’s perfect for mealtime, sensory play activities and crafts! Bapron baby customer service is also amazing! Thank you for such a wonderful product!

Since switching to Baprons, she holds her arms out as soon as she gets in the high chair so I can put her Bapron on now and she's only 11 months old. She eats without fidgeting with her Bapron and it fully covers her lap to keep her clean. After each meal, a quick rinse and air dry makes that Bapron ready to go for the next meal. Plus, every single one of our Baprons still look brand new since they are stain-resistant! Perfect for passing down to the next kid!

We love our Bapron's. My son can't rip them off like normal bibs. They are easy to wipe clean and we love all of the colorful prints.

BapronBaby is the best for kids that hate wearing bibs! This was the perfect solution to keep my daughters clothes mess free! Looking forward to using this when my second starts eating solids!

I love that I don't have to stress about my little girl getting her clothes dirty. They completely cover the front of her. Bapron's wash so nicely too! Just rinse under water and air dry! They are amazing! I tell everyone about these!

OH MY GOODNESS!! I am in LOVE. I've had my eyes on baprons for a while but we had some silicone "pelican bibs" that were working just fine for our daughter (18 months old)... until they weren't. In recent weeks, she started ripping off her bibs at meals and would constantly get stuff UNDER them and all over her clothes (which kind of defeats the purpose of the bib). So, I decided to grab a couple baprons during the St. Patrick's Day sale. And oh my word! The designs are beautiful and they are so easy to use. They happened to show up right as I was strapping her in for lunch, and I actually squealed in delight. On went the bapron. She didn't even flinch and we got through a meal without a mess and the silicone pelican bibs went into storage for the next baby. I am SO glad I grabbed a second batch of baprons. This might be my new go-to baby shower gift too.