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We're all about transparency at BapronBaby!  If you have a question that you can't immediately find an answer to in the text below, please feel free to email us at

To keep life simple, though, here are a few of our most popular questions that we get from time to time:


What is a Bapron?

A "bapron" is our patent pending bib-apron hybrid, designed specifically for children who dislike traditional bibs that tie around the neck, and who are self-feeding at an early age (baby led weaning). Our baprons safely secure around your little ones body rather than their neck. Making it pretty much impossible to pull off their bib without adult assistance. 


What size should I order?

Our patent-pending design allows our baprons to grow with your child, meaning one Toddler bapron fits from 6 months all the way to 3T (13” long from front of neck to bottom), and a Preschool bapron will fit all throughout preschool and kindergarten! 3-5yrs (16” long from front of neck to bottom)


What material is a Bapron made with?

Our unique material is actually a polyester interlock that is permanently fused to what is essentially a plant-based "plastic".  This unique film is both safe for baby and 100% waterproof (and made right here in the United States!)  Since polyester is a naturally flame retardant material, we don't apply any sprays or treatments on any of our materials.  Safety is my #1 priority with all of our products, and we have them certified by the CPSIA to be 100% free of lead, phalates, bpa, and approved for use with food.  


How do I clean my Bapron?

Quick Cleaning: rinse entire bapron under water to remove all food/crumbs.  Gently shake off water and allow to air dry fully.  Bapron will be ready to use again when fully dry 

Deep Cleaning: BapronBaby Baprons are machine washable and may be tumbled dry on any heat setting.  Do not iron as it may damage the waterproof layer. Our material is so durable it can even be washed with bleach (just be sure to follow the bleach instructions)


Do you ship outside of the US?

Yes! We ship worldwide, shipping price is calculated at checkout. We have a few international distributors as well, for customers in countries like Canada, Kuwait, and Taiwan


How long will it take to receive my order?

We typically ship your order out within 2-5 business days. Priority shipping is available, but usually won't expedite the processing time prior to packing.


Can I make changes to my order after it's placed?

As long as we have not already fulfilled your order, any order questions please direct to and be sure to include your order number so we can look you up.


Do you offer wholesale?

Yes! We love to see our products in boutiques and retail store! Please email us at if you have interest in becoming a BapronBaby retailer.


Why don't Baprons have pockets?

Because of our unique, patent-pending design, our baprons "bowl up" in your toddler's lap, allowing them to easily try again when they drop food from their mouth. We actually prototyped out a few pockets when we first started BapronBaby, and quickly discovered that:

1- unsanitary gunk gets tends to get stuck in pocket seams

2- they tend to be a distraction for little ones and create a less-pleasant mealtime, and

3- they take forever to dry

...So we scrapped the project and stuck with what worked best - the patent-pending design of the BapronBaby bapron!


Are Baprons stain resistant?

Yup. They sure are!  BapronBaby's unique fabric is not only soft, lightweight, and waterproof... it's stain resistant! However, in those times where you just don't have time to wash your bapron immediately after a meal here are some tips to getting out possible discoloration.

Getting accidental stains out is as easy as 1,2,3...

(1)- lay bapron flat on the counter fabric side-up and apply some dish soap to the stained areas.

(2)- get your dish scrubber wet and go to town on the bapron. Really scrub it— this fabric is tough!

(3)- toss it in the washing machine and wash/dry it normally.


This should at the very least get 99% of the discoloration out. Doing this immediately after a messy/vibrant meal like spaghetti or sloppy joes is always best, but mom life is busy and we know it’s not always realistic to wash a bapron right away.


I noticed mold on the fabric. What should I do?

The good news is that a deep wash in the washing machine will completely eradicate any mold spores on the bapron (we even encourage adding bleach), but the bad news is that it can stain our transparent film that backs the baprons.  We use transparent film rather than an opaque color for this reason -- we want our parents to know immediately if any sort of "yuck" gets in their fabric!  We do understand, however, that the black stains can be unnerving for parents who (of course) want their babe to be 100% safe 100% of the time!  

Our policy with any sort of mold/mildew is a full one-time replacement. It’s super uncommon to contract mold, but if stored somewhere damp overnight or maybe if some food didn’t quite get washed out entirely it could happen as with any fabric. In any case, we only ask that you send images of affected baprons and pay for the $4.95 shipping on the replacement.