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Neutral Three Spoon Circus Pre-Spoon GOOtensil Set


Ever noticed that when you allow young babies to self-feed, they hold the spoon hostage? How do you get it back without a battle? Judy Delaware, of Feeding Littles, coined this amazing little phrase to go along with her brilliant solution: “The Three Spoon Circus”, and we can’t get enough of it!!!

Step 1: dip a spoon into a soft solid (or puree), hand to baby.
Step 2: kick off the second act with another loaded spoon.
Step 3: now for the magic, introduce a third loaded spoon.

Baby will instinctively drop the empty spoon to reach for the more interesting full spoon - no prying necessary!  NumNum GOOtensils are great for building baby's confidence with self-feeding and teach them the gross motor skills they need to master their own mealtime. 

Be the ringmaster of mealtime and unlock the magic of self-feeding.
Take a bow, you mealtime magician, you.


Designed for ages 6+ months.
Warning: Never leave a child unattended while feeding. Inspect for damage before each use. NO BPA, NO PVC, NO Phthalates