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NUM! Individual Pre-Spoon GOOtensil Packs


This limited edition NumNum GOOtensil is our first SINGLE pack ever! Now, you can pick your favorite colors and quantity as you wish! (while product lasts)


The GOOtensil's innovative design makes it easier to use than a spoon because there's no wrong way to hold it.


Stage 1:

The paddle-shaped GOOtensil, which doubles as a feeding teether, is for kids using a utensil for the first time so it grabs just enough food to give baby a taste of self-feeding independence.

Stage 2:

The open-toothed GOOtensil is for thicker blends and kids who have mastered the food-to-mouth motion. Before long, your baby will begin making a scooping motion, an indication he or she is ready to graduate to the spoon.


These GOOtensils are great for building baby's confidence with self-feeding, and teach them the gross motor skills they need to masters of their own mealtime!


Now available in Blue, Gray, Green, and Orange!