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Market Fresh Apron - fits sizes youth small through adult 2XL



This beautiful lightweight baking apron is the perfect waterproof protection for cooks, crafters, and messmakers! These aprons are designed specifically with convenience in mind and a secure adjustable clasp around the neck for high, medium, or low necklines.

Our fabric is a durable-yet-soft waterproof fabric that is quick-drying, stain resistant, machine washable, and 100% certified baby-safe (free of harmful chemicals and safe for even the most sensitive of skin).  BapronBaby Aprons are made entirely of high quality eco-friendly fabric.

Designed to comfortably fit kids from 6yrs through adult 2XL (one size fits most)
Neck strap has 12"-16" snaps
24" waist ties for adjustable sizing
34" from front of neck to bottom

Quick Cleaning: rinse entire apron under water to remove all food/crumbs.  Gently shake off water and allow to air dry fully. Apron will be ready to use again when fully dry (approx. 30 minutes!)

Deep Cleaning: BapronBaby Aprons are machine washable and may be tumbled dry on low to medium heat. Do not iron as it may damage the waterproof layer. If your washing machine has an agitator, we highly recommend washing your apron inside a delicates bag to prevent any damage.

Additional approved cleaning techniques: Vinegar solution, color-safe bleach, machine wash (any temp), machine dry (any temp), vigorous scrubbing. Please do not use wire bristles or hot iron, as it may damage the waterproof fabric.


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