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Imperfect Splash Mats - FINAL SALE

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From time to time, we have a few items that don't pass quality control, but are still functionally sound. Our standard for retail quality is incredibly high, so we’ve decided to open these slightly defective items to our customers at a fraction of the cost! YAY for bargains!

PLEASE NOTE: The defects on these splash mats include a range of errors such as: minor snags, and ink discoloration, but are mostly due to debris that was caught between the laminate layer and the top polyester. There is no function lost, but because of the nature of the issues, all defective splash mats from this listing are not eligible for return/exchange or for our replacement policy. FINAL SALE.



This lightweight, waterproof mat is 45" in diameter and is designed to catch spills and splashes. Ideal for:

- Under the high chair

- Indoor/Outdoor Picnics

- Potty Training/Waterproof nap pad

- Crafts and sensory play

- Under OR on top of tables for  crafts and activities

BapronBaby's unique waterproof fabric is stain resistant, and machine washable.  Three cheers for no more scraping dried juice spots off the tile and scrubbing oatmeal out of the carpet! This mat weighs less than 8oz. and folds up to the size of a small book for easy transport.


Splash Mat dimensions: 45" x 45" with rounded edges