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NEW! The Footsi Highchair Footrest

NEW! The Footsi Highchair Footrest

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** notice ** These foot rests are selling FAST. Once a color is sold out, it will not be available again until our next shipment in September. Thanks for your understanding!


The Footsi™️ is a stylish portable footrest for babies and toddlers using the IKEA Antilop high chair. For the first time ever, parents and caretakers can save money without sacrificing the comfort and quality of a durable footrest for their little one at mealtime!!

Designed by an innovative mother in Australia, this product is making big waves worldwide!

Benefits include:

- Provides security and comfort for your child allowing them to enjoy mealtimes in their high chair

- Encourages improved eating habits and concentration on tasks while in the high chair

- Provides the correct height footrest for all children that use a highchair

- Machine washable and quick drying 

- 2 minute installation

- Lightweight and portable 

The Footsi™️ footrest makes a great addition to either the Ikea Antilop, Kmart Quadro, Target Snacka, Aldi Mamia, Mocka Designer baby chairs, and more!


Each Footsi™️ comes with a user guide however if you misplace your instructions see below:


Installation of Your Footsi™️

Installing your Footsi™️ (footrest for the Ikea Antilop High chair) only takes a couple of minutes. 

First, the little tricky bit! Installing the suction hook. Clean the area for the hook with rubbing alcohol and allow to air dry. Remove protective cover from suction hook. Place suction hook just under the lip of the highchair and apply a firm push in the center of the suction hook with two thumbs or palm of hand. You should feel the suction hook “pop” or feel the air being completely pushed out from under the suction hook when securely attached. Check installation by firmly pulling on the suction hook. It can be easier to lay the chair on the ground front side down to be able to firmly press the suction hook on. 

Next, the easy part. Loop the Velcro straps (left and right) to each of the corresponding front high chair legs. Sling strap at back of Footsi™️ onto the suction hook, now secured to the high chair. Adjust strap length to suit your child’s height ensuring the feet are 90 degrees so their feet are flat. Tighten/loosen front Velcro straps if required. Voila! You are done! 



Foot support is important for giving babies and toddlers optimum stability during mealtimes (and therefore best fine motor and oral motor skills) and stability can also reduce fidgeting, squirming and distraction at mealtimes. Try to have your child at a 90-90-90 angle (hips bent to 90 degrees, knees bent to 90, and ankles at 90) This will ensure proper use of the Footsi™️.

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