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DEAL OF THE DAY: $8 Stretchy Silicone Cup Toppers SALE!

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On the Tenth Day of December, BapronBaby gave to me...

Stocking Stuffer Straw Cup Toppers for just $8!


These amazing stretchy lids make any cup spillproof and straw-ready in seconds!  The top grade silicone allows the lids to stretch over and grip the top of any cup and keep little hands from tipping their cups and causing a massive mess :) 

Perfect for on-the-go or at home, this colorful set comes with three tops and one reuseable silicone straw (although the lids fit anything from a thin bendy straw to a thick smoothie straw with no problem!

• Air suction keeps the top in place

• Stretches to fit a variety of cup sizes while maintaining a spillproof top

• 100% silicone

• Dishwasher safe

PLEASE NOTE - While the Siliskin Straw Tops have a super stretch, they can still tear if not used properly.  Please use with care when taking on and off cups.


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Happy shopping!