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Create Your Own Bapron for Toddlers 6m-3T

Create Your Own Bapron for Toddlers 6m-3T

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Hey, you creative right-brainers and artsy left-handers!  For a limited time only, BapronBaby is featuring a fun "create your own" bapron, available in Solid White and White Moons and Stars. 

Included in your order are permanent fabric pens to let your little one doodle to their toddler-sized heart's content!  These baprons are the same style and cut of our traditional prints, and fit 6m-3T clothing.

They are waterproof, stain resistant, and as durable as anything you will ever dress your toddler in.  Your new "Create Your Own" bapron can be a canvas for your little artist in training as well as a mealtime/playtime protective smock to keep their clothes nice and clean!

Fun for:

* Gifts for Grandma

* Birthdays and Special Occasions

* Sending love to a little cousin from afar

* Creative self-expression


*** Be advised, these markers are designed for permanent marks on fabric and will not wash out. 

For more information on the details, or to view the fit on a child, feel free to view any of our other bapron listings or email us directly with questions at

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