Grabease Double-Sided Toothbrush (6m-4yrs) **with bonus finger brush!** SALE

$11.50 Regular price $12.99

This unique double sided toothbrush makes brushing baby and toddler teeth a happy, safe experience! Perfect for children 6 months - 4 years old. 

  • Comes with a bonus “stage 1” finger brush

Designed to make brushing easier for parent and child, this double sided toothbrush features:

Barrier to prevent over-insertion in the mouth

Double sided bristles - Brushes the top and bottom teeth at the same time.

Tapered brush head - Reaches the most teeth at once.

Wash before use, never leave a baby unattended with product. This product has been tested and complies with all USA regulations. BPA Free, non-toxic plastic, Phthalates free. (Because you only allow the best for your babe!)