The Foodie Judy™️ “3 Spoon Circus™️” (BapronBaby Exclusive)


Ever noticed that when you allow young babies to self-feed, they hold the spoon hostage? How do you get it back without a battle? Foodie Judy™️, of Feeding Littles, coined this amazing little phrase to go along with her brilliant solution: “The 3 Spoon circus™️”, and we can’t get enough of it!!!

Step 1: dip spoon into guacamole, hummus, applesauce, or puree

Step 2: repeat with spoon 2

Step 3: Instead of taking spoon from baby’s hands, introduce a third loaded spoon!

(Baby will drop the empty spoon to reach for the new, more interesting full spoon!)

In an effort to make shopping for parents and caretakers of young Baby-Led Weaners just a little easier and more affordable, we’ve now created this fun “Three Spoon Circus™️” bundle, which comes with THREE Gootensils to create the perfect tools for a little mealtime circus of your own. Mealtime was made to be fun!

*Foodie Judy™️ and 3 Spoon Circus™️ are registered trademarks of Feeding Little, LLC.